Board of Trustees

David J. Olekna, President / Co-founder / Trustee

David is a long-time resident of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He worked at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. for 23 years. The last 10 years of his career were spent as a research scientist in the field of immuno-hematology. He co-patented reagents and concepts in the field of blood grouping; he retired from that profession in 1994. David then managed The Foundation & Mrs. Astle’s personal affairs for a number of years. He now acts as The Foundation’s President / Trustee and performs many of the official functions required by The Foundation. He is directly involved in many of the organizations and non-profit programming that The Foundation supports.

Joanne L. Harris, Trustee

Joanne earned a BS degree from Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin and an MT (ASCP) certification from Northwestern University Medical School, School of Medical Technology, Chicago, Illinois before beginning her career with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. Over her 30 plus years with Ortho, Joanne held positions of increasing responsibility including Scientist in R&D, Operations Manager, and Manager, Regulatory Affairs. During this time, Joanne earned certification as immunology Specialist from American Society of Clinical Pathology, Quality Engineering from American Society for Quality, and Regulatory Affairs Professional from the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society.

Joanne and her two therapy dogs, Bitsey and Cassie, are registered with both Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. and Dogs in Service. Since retiring, she spends most of her time training her canine partners and volunteering with them at group homes and hospitals in the area NJ area.


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