2017 Grant Application Process

The 2017 Grant Cycle is currently closed as of September 1, 2017.

  • Please submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) between June 1, 2017 and September 1, 2017.
  • The LOI must be received via email or postmarked by September 1, 2017.
  • Email submissions should be sent to taaff.org@gmail.com
  • Mailed applications should be sent to PO Box 182, Annandale NJ 08801-0182.
  • Invitations for full proposals will be sent by October 18, 2017.
  • Full proposals must be submitted by January 12, 2018.
  • Download/View our Grant Guidelines
  1. Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Guidelines
    The LOI is the first step in the grant application process. The LOI should contain all of the necessary information needed by the Foundation to determine the potential fundability of a given project or program.The LOI is a formal document that should serve as a “preview” of the organization’s potential full grant proposal. LOIs that communicate a potential good fit between the proposed program and The Foundation’s mission will be invited to submit a full grant proposal. Both new and returning applicants must submit LOIs.LOI Content Requirements:

    • The total amount of funding being requested
    • Contact information for the principal person who will be handling all communications pertaining to the LOI and any subsequent grant request(s), and who will be responsible for the use of grant funds
    • A description of the organization and its mission and/or goals
    • A detailed overview of the proposed project or program for which funding is being requested, including:
      • An anticipated timeline or plan
      • A detailed preliminary budget
      • A description of any other support or funding that has been secured
      • A statement of the proposed project or program’s significance, potential impact, and educational benefits
      • A statement of the connection between the project or program and the mission and goals of The Astle-Alpaugh Family Foundation
  2. Full Proposal
    After LOIs are reviewed, selected organizations will be invited to submit a full grant proposal. Separate requirements for proposals will be provided at that time.

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